8 Ways to Get Your Family Involved in Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year again. Time to air out your home and get to spring cleaning for the up-and-coming warmer months. Although you don’t mind the cleaning, it might be the idea of the long intense hours of work. It really doesn’t have to be that way. Cleaning is a job that everyone in the household can contribute. Here are 8 things to do to get the whole family involved with your next spring cleaning task. 

Get Cleaning Supplies

Go ahead and get cleaning supplies. You don’t want to give anyone a reason to have to run out and pick something up. Nine times out of ten, if someone who really doesn’t want to be cleaning leaves the house, they are gone – at least until they feel the close is clear to return.

Make a List

There are some difficult cleaning tasks you might choose to do yourself. However, make a list according to age that is more appropriate for your children to do. Some children might be excellent at dusting while others are great with organizing and storing toys away. The best part is turning the project into a family affair and making a list that includes everyone.

Assign Cleaning Tasks

Everyone has a room they prefer to clean. However, did you know those rooms are usually loaded with distractions for that person? Trade these rooms with someone else in the house. For instance, siblings can switch and clean each other’s rooms.

Select a Date

Select a date everyone will be home. No sporting events, workdays, or other events that might prohibit a thorough job. You can make this a fun and exciting day among the family at home. Most young people view it as a day they could be gaming, talking to friends, or creating social media videos. Let’s face it, you just going to have to give them something to get what you want, especially those who have hit teen status

Make it Fun

Don’t expect the kids to get excited about spending a day or minute cleaning. It’s just not going to happen. The moment the word cleaning escapes your lips, that’s it. The task is then viewed as a non-paying job that is breaking all child labor laws and they will report it to whoever listens. Turn the day into of day of fun with music, singing, and dancing around while cleaning.

Teach by Example

Not everyone knows how to clean. Even if they do know how to do some type of cleaning, it might not be the type of job you are looking to achieve. Show by example how you want the room or areas to be cleaned. Once you have shown them how to clean, avoid looking over their shoulder and allow them to get the job done.

Break for Snacks

Provide breaks throughout the cleaning process. Set a timer and ask everyone to complete a few cleaning chores before it runs out. Once the timer goes off and the chores are complete, it’s time for a break. Somehow working hard always stirs up a hearty appetite, and snacks make great cleaning incentives during breaks.

Give Fun Rewards

Everyone likes rewards for hard work. Decide on special rewards for completing difficult tasks. It might be a job that no one wants to do but the person who takes the job gets rewarded. Be sure to discuss the difficult jobs and understand more what it is the person dislikes about the task. Family discussions can help work out future conflicts or misunderstandings about difficult tasks.

Armed with these efficient, simple tips, you should feel confident about how to spring clean your home this year with the fam!