A Quick Guide to Setting & Achieving Your Goals

If you are anything like 99% of all humans, you probably set your goals at the beginning of each year. Typically, this would be some grandiose scheme to do with improving your health, career, or relationships. You swore that it would be different this year, even going as far as booking that gym membership. But now you’re 4 months into the year, and there’s nothing to show for it.

Sadly, this is a problem a vast majority of folk battle with. In fact, statistics have shown that only 8% of individuals setting their goals on New Year’s Eve actually see them through. So where does the motivation go along the way, you wonder?

Well, what most people don’t realize is that the problem lies with the goal-setting itself. There is a formula to it all – a science to setting goals that will help increase your chances of achieving them.

In this article, we shall break it all down, highlighting the fundamental steps to effective goal setting that will help turn your dreams into reality.

Believe in the process

The first and arguably most important step when setting goals is to trust the process. It would help if you had faith that your goals are actually possible to achieve. Just take a look around; you’ll realize that most (if not all) successful individuals are considerably confident in their abilities and themselves.

No matter how ambitious or unattainable your goals are, you can only make them happen if you believe them to be possible.

Write down your goal

Just as soldiers prepare before they go to war, you have to plan your attack so that you can materialize your goals. Therefore, start by writing them down. By so doing, you have something tangible that constantly reminds you of the goal.

For even better results, schedule timeframes and completion dates, so you have a timeline to work towards. Also, make sure to place them somewhere you can see every day.

Set specific goals

Goals dealing with specific events or facts usually have a higher chance of being achieved. This way, you get a regimen or precise protocol you can follow to achieve them. You want to avoid vague directions at all costs as they can be easily misinterpreted or skipped over.

Attainable goals

You have to ensure that the goals you set are reasonable. As you shoot for the stars, ensure that you have the space shuttle to take you there. Basically, this implies that your goals should be within your means and lifestyle. Make sure you have the money, time, and experience to achieve them.

On the same note, you want to plan your steps wisely and set up a realistic time frame.

Only set realistic goals

 You should only set goals that you can achieve. Avoid anything that goes beyond your limitations. If it is too difficult, you’ll likely face obstacles along the way that might demotivate you.

Set timelines for your goals

As we mentioned earlier, you should set a specific time frame for your goals. You create a sense of urgency by making deadlines – a specific date to work towards. This not only motivates you but gives you morale.

The only downside to this is that you might be demotivated if you don’t check the right number of boxes by the end of the time period.

Always be accountable

When working on your goals, things might not always go smoothly. And when it gets hard, you’ll need to push yourself and work through it. One trick you can use is to include your close friends and family in your journey. Having a good support system should encourage you through the tough times.

Don’t be afraid to seek help

Remember you don’t know everything. In your journey, you might need to seek advice from those who’ve already gone through your path. Don’t be afraid to do so. This way, you won’t have to reinvent the wheel on mundane tasks.

Always assess your progress

Our goals are bound to evolve and change over time. For this reason, it is important to keep assessing your progress. This will help you keep tabs on milestones you’ve achieved and learn from various mistakes that you may be making along the way.

Bottom line

Setting achievable goals is imperative to self-improvement. It is the first step to planning your future and developing skills in different facets of life. By understanding how to set goals, you significantly increase your chances of achieving them.

Hopefully, with the steps above, you are a step closer to creating actionable goals and fulfilling your dreams.