Dustin and Amy Delay

Dustin Delay and Amy Delay Business

Dustin and Amy Delay are motivational speakers offering a message of hope. They have built a reputation for engaging their audiences with humor and candor. They are passionate about helping others achieve their goals and live a life that enables them to thrive.

After seeing friends go down bad financial paths, it sparked a flame for them to take control of their income and their lives in order to live the life they’ve always dreamed of. Now they live on five acres of land in their dream home in Texas, where they live an active lifestyle of fishing and enjoying time on the lake with their family.

Dustin and Amy met in college at Texas A&M, where Dustin would tell his future wife at just 22-years-old that he would someday be financially successful as a millionaire and never work a desk job. Just four years after they first met, Dustin and Amy were married and working towards their dream life together. Those years of hard work and determination gave the Delays the financial freedom to live life on their own terms. They now travel the world and create their own schedules, allowing them to spend quality time as a family with their newborn son.

But they did not get there alone. They were inspired by their mentors who encouraged and inspired them to live an awesome life beyond their wildest dreams. The Delays saw their mentors living a meaningful life by helping others achieve their dreams and a lifestyle where they could decide when and how they worked. This ignited a passion within them which ultimately led them to work towards the financial freedom and the lifestyle they’ve always hoped for. Now, they have peace of mind about their finances and a newfound excitement for their family and life together.

No one inspires Dustin and Amy more than their four-month-old son, Nolan, who they hope to teach important values in such as keeping God first, having good manners and integrity, doing the right thing and always thinking of others. They no longer have to choose between a career or being parents, as they have the ability to be full-time parents all while teaching others and pursuing their faith to the fullest. Their strong faith in God has instilled in them endless inspiration to help others achieve their goals and has guided their principals. When they can’t get to church with their newborn son, they love to start their day as a family at home with coffee and devotionals.

The Delays are passionate about helping others and have a strong desire to help others who have lost hope for achieving the American dream, just like their mentors did for them. As they have learned firsthand, with leadership, drive and the willingness to make a few sacrifices along the way, anything is possible. They believe that fixing your finances is the key to achieving your goals. As mentors, the Delays aspire to help others not only create income but also how to manage it.

When the Delays aren’t working hard to help others realize their goals and dreams, they can be found traveling the world at locations such as Hawaii, New York, Australia, and Europe. Without the demands of a normal 9-5 job, they are able to fulfill their taste for adventure and travel, all while sustaining their financial freedom, maintaining a fulfilling career and nurturing their growing family. Dustin and Amy are living their dream life, and know that anything is possible with hard work, determination and an unrelenting spirit to work hard in order to see your dreams through.