Moving Out-Of-State? Here’s How to Prepare for the Adventure

Picking up and moving to a new state can be an adventure filled with mixed emotions. Fear. “What if I don’t like it?” Excitement. “I can’t wait to see how life changing this will be.” Worry. “How should I go about such a big move?” While all of these emotions are common and totally understandable, there are a few tips that will help lower your stress level and reduce your fears so you can focus on the positive aspects of your journey.

Create a Moving Budget

First, relocating can be a nerve-wracking venture full of surprises. However, you should do your due diligence to avoid any major financial surprises along the way. Before moving, you should start saving money well in advance. First, consider how much money you’ll need. The exact amount will depend on your answers to the following:

Doing it yourself? If so, you’ll need:

-Packing materials (boxes, tape, labels)
-Protective covering for delicate items
-A rental truck (plus gas)
-Rental equipment dolly)
-Cleaning products

Hiring someone? Get quotes for:

-Packing services
-Moving company
-Car shipping
-Plane ticket
-Rental car
-Hotel (if you’ll be driving for multiple days)

Housing related fees:

-Realtor commission
-Home inspection
-First and last month’s rent
-Set up utilities
-Home items/Furniture

Hidden or unexpected fees:

-Rental deposits
-Storage unit
-Repairs or car maintenance
-Meals and snacks

Do Your Research

Second, make a list of every fear, question and concern no matter how minute. Now find an answer or create a plan to counter every item on your list. Write a schedule of your monthly activities. Include grocery trips, doctor visits, social outings, gas trips, car maintenance and any other day-to-day errands. Take your schedule and research similar stores, doctors and establishments in your new state. Decide whether you’d like to live in an area that has comparable accommodations within a close radius to your future residence. Also consider the following questions:

What do I know about the crime rate and school districts?
How will my car, health and house insurance change?
Are there any local social media groups I can join prior to moving where I can make friends and seek advice from natives?
What are the biggest advantages and disadvantages of my new state, according to people who currently live there?

Be Confident

Next, remember you’ve made an informed decision about moving and took the necessary steps to assure preparedness, now own it! No true adventure is void of fear, but fear shouldn’t halt the pursuit. It’s time to stop worrying and put your plan into action. You’ll never know the outcome if you don’t try. Remember that nothing is irreversible. If you’ve given your new state your best effort but things aren’t panning out the way you envisioned they would, enact your backup plan. Just as you conquered the challenge of moving once, you’re equipped to do so again. Last, make sure you’ve truly explored all reasonable options before throwing in the towel, then be confident in whichever decision you make.

Relocating to a new state is a big life change. Leaving the familiar to step into the unknown can be overwhelming, but many worthwhile ventures come with a bit of uncertainty. Use the three moving tips above to help ease the transition.