Outdoor Adventures: Try These 5 Activities for Kids

The world offers a huge variety of fun and entertainment that is perfect for children. Take advantage of the long days and sunny weather this summer with these five outdoor adventures for kids. 

1. Splash Pad

During hot summer days, it’s never a bad idea to cool off and take the kids to do a water activity. There are water parks to go to, but those can be expensive for a family. The alternative, is a splash pad. These small pads are a fun and entertaining way for your young children to experience the joys of water. They are typically found in city parks, which means they’re completely free! Kids can play in these small contained area while you sit nearby. 

2. Scavenger Hunt 

Outside adventures for your kids don’t have to require you to load up the kids in the car and leave the house. There are plenty of activities that you can enjoy within the comfort of your own home backyard. One of those activities is a scavenger hunt. Children will always enjoy the suspense of finding something hidden. They can be setup easily. Gather a few prizes, make a list of them so your kids know what to look for, and then hide them. The level of difficulty is all up to you. Next time you want to have some fun but keep things simple, try having a scavenger hunt. 

3. Put on a Show 

This next idea requires some creativity, planning, and perhaps some patience. Try mixing things up by making your family the source of entertainment! You and your kids can put on different types of shows that will surely bring fun, laughter, and adventure. Show options include a puppet show, talent show, or a talk show, to name a few. Your kids will undoubtedly enjoy using their imagination and individuality amongst those they love the most. 

4. Obstacle Course 

Kids LOVE exerting their energy. They are notorious for running or skipping to their destination (regardless of how close it is) and constant movements. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to tap into that youthful place and use it for fun. Create an obstacle course in your backyard by laying out a starting point and finish line. Then, use items around your house, such as a wagon or some old boxes and use some ingenuity to make some obstacles. Let the race begin! 

5. A Nature Hunt 

Being outside in nature is refreshing. There is so much to watch, listen to, and feel. One way to experience the great outdoors with your children in an amusing way is to turn natures beautiful attributes to a nature hunt. Put together a list of things such as a butterfly or flower so your kids can be on the lookout for them. Once found, have them take a picture of it with their cell phone.

 Whichever activity you choose, you can’t go wrong with the good times. Save this list of five outdoor adventures for kids, and let the fun begin!