What People Are Saying

Being a part of Dustin and Amy’s team has changed our life completely. From paying off debt, creating assets, and improving our communication skills, this couple has taught us that there’s so much more to life than the 9-5 rat race and only two weeks vacation time. Retiring in our 20s was a dream they showed us could be a reality. We are blessed that through their leadership and mentorship, have the opportunity to duplicate their success. They truly lead with a servants heart and we are so thankful we found a group of entrepreneurs that have the same values as us and push us to become the best version of ourselves.

Luke and Savannah Dammann

Conroe – Roofing and Propane Sales and Account Manager

Before we earned the privilege to call Dustin and Amy our mentors, we had felt for several years that the path of life we had chosen for ourselves wasn’t enough. Our careers and the small circle of friends and acquaintances we associated with weren’t really leading us toward having a meaningful impact on the world around us. We worked hard, stayed focused, and convinced them to teach us so we could live a life of significance like they do.

They are a true example of integrity and leadership through serving, and always told us how much they believed we could be more than just another couple of professionals on the 40 hour – 40 year plan. We are forever grateful for the changes they have helped us make in every area of our lives and for the multi- generational impact they have had on our children.

Adam and Katy Brinkman

League City, TX – Music Teacher and District Manager in Oil and Gas

We were given a window of opportunity to convince Dustin and Amy that we were willing to work for ourselves. We wanted to buy our lives back and be financially free as entrepreneurs. At first, we simply wanted a way to ease the burden of our bills and debts, but we quickly began to observe the countless benefits that come from principle-centered mentorship and servant leadership. We not only have a passive income asset they’re showing us to scale and change our family legacy, but a vehicle that allows us to serve and impact others who are seeking the same. We are so grateful and excited for the future!

David And Demi Lee

Katy, TX – Teacher and Escrow Assistant

From a young age, we have always felt a tug to do something significant with our life. Even with our corporate careers, we knew we had to find a way to do more, the challenge was figuring out where to start. When we had the opportunity to receive Mentorship from Dustin and Amy and go into business for ourselves, our lives completely changed.

Not only are we able to seek perspective and mentorship in becoming financially independent, but also all areas in our life that we value most including: How to have a great marriage, developing a legacy for our family lineage, long-lasting relationships, becoming debt free, and becoming the best versions of ourselves.

We are forever grateful for Dustin and Amy.

Brandon And Rachel Elkins

Houstin, TX – Insurance Producer and Office Administrator

Originally when we partnered with Dustin and Amy, we saw this as an opportunity for Carrie to be a stay at home mom, to our surprise it has been so much more. We found an association we want to be apart of for life! This is a community that we want our kids to grow in as well. We have grown as a husband and wife, a mother and father, a friend, a Christian and every aspect of our lives. We couldn’t imagine our lives without the Delays and the invaluable examples they have set for us as a family!

Justin And Carrie Vaughn

Katy, TX – President of Energy Guide Solutions and Stay at Home Mom

When we were introduced to Dustin and Amy, we had essentially accepted merely a good life. We did well compared to our peers, but our dreams fit inside a “teacher box” due to the pay scale for the rest of our careers. I always took singing gigs to help supplement our income, but it didn’t move the needle enough to create a huge difference. With the help of the Delays, we have much larger dreams for our family. Through their mentorship, we have financial and personal goals to work towards. We enjoy helping other entrepreneurs move their lives in a positive direction. We look forward to being able to serve students on a volunteer basis instead of for a paycheck. We are incredibly grateful for Dustin and Amy’s guidance and friendship.

Jeff And Jenny Van Hal

Katy, TX – Junior Hich Choir Teacher and 2nd Grade Teacher

We earned an offer to join the Delay’s team when we were full time college students at 20 years old, working minimum wage jobs with no real direction in life. When we met the Delays, everything changed. For the first and probably only time in our lives, we met someone who had the whole package…marriage, faith, values, integrity, and financial freedom, and they were willing to teach us everything they knew. With their help, we developed an extra 60K annually after only 6 months of their mentorship. We learned how to purchase both of our cars, cash, no payments! We became debt free shortly after that, paying off 23K of student loans, and now have options and flexibility in our lives that we never thought possible before. Outside of the money, we have made so many strong relationships and friendships throughout their organization. The Delays are selfless and they truly care about their team, it really is a family and we are forever grateful for all the things we have gained from their mentorship, it’s way more than just extra income.

Cameron And Savanna Craig

Cypress, TX – IT Recruiting and Logistics Coordinator

Dustin and Amy represent everything that mentors should be. As a surgeon looking to diversify income, they have shown me effective strategies which have enabled me to expand my business. More importantly, as a mom looking to spend more time with my kids, they have shown me how to gain control of my time. The Delays are more than just a clear example of gracious professionalism; they also genuinely care about helping everyone in their team achieve ongoing success.

Dr. Lynanne Foster, MD

Houston, TX – Orthopedic Surgeon

When we first became a part of Dustin and Amy’s team, we didn’t have any intentions on becoming financially independent or even building a business long term. The only thing we wanted was some extra income to better our finances, pay off some debt and maybe help our families out a little bit. As time went on and we got to know them better, we saw how they were living their life and we knew we needed them in our lives to make our dreams come true. They have taught us how to create options in our life instead of making someone else’s dreams come true. Now we see life completely different. We are no longer ok with waking up at 6am for a job, eating breakfast in the car, not watching our future children grow up, making the bare minimum, racking up debt just to live, and not leaving anything behind for our children and grandchildren. The Delay’s have helped us see our worth and a life that we can create.

Evan And Aaralyn Green

Cypress, TX -Accounting Analyst and Registered Behavior Technician

Words cannot explain how much we have learned from Dustin and Amy Delay. We not only have learned how to handle our money better when it comes to paying off debt, but also how to better our marriage and communicate with one another. We have learned people skills, how to shake someone’s hand, how dress professionally, and minor things that actually make a huge difference. Working with them for the past three years has been a blessing. If it hadn’t been for their influence in our life, we would have still been living in a small town house, $60,000 in debt, and paying for vacations with a credit card. We thought we were doing well in the world, but after meeting the Delays, it really opened our eyes to what true success in lifestyle was… having time AND money. We are forever grateful for their mentorship and the friendship we have created with them for the past three years and many more to come.

Norman And Kendall Rankin

The Woodlands, TX – UPS Driver and Human Movement Specialist

When we initially earned an offer to be a part of Dustin and Amy’s team, it was to create supplemental income as a way to pay off student loan debt. Soon after partnering we realized the potential for creating passive income that could allow our family to live more impactful lives through entrepreneurship that careers in education couldn’t touch. We are grateful for the guidance of their mentorship. As a result we look forward to being financially independent in our 30’s.

Robby And Jennifer Simard

The Woodlands, TX – Teachers