Dustin Delay


Dustin and Amy Delay always knew that they wanted a life full of adventure and travel. Even when they first met, Dustin Delay proclaimed to Amy that he was going to be a millionaire and be traveling to Hawaii several times a year without ever having a cubicle job. Just four years later, Dustin and Amy were married and working on their dream of living a life of adventure with no limit on how much fun they could ever have. Financial freedom has allowed Dustin and Amy the ability to travel all across the globe without any restrictions. Because they control their own schedules, they have been able to take multiple vacations a year to destinations all over the world. One of their favorite trips thus far was to Australia where they climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge at night. They explored private beaches, dined in beautiful restaurants and never had the worry of looking at prices on restaurant menus. The Delays are self-proclaimed adventure junkies and have almost every top adventure attraction you can think of on their bucket list. Whether it is a helicopter ride off the coast of a foreign country, zip-lining in an exotic location, or taking a speedboat through New York Harbor to see the Statue of Liberty, they want to do it all. The couple also loves to venture off the beaten path and explore the different cultures and experiences the world has to offer. During their time in Australia, they explored new and unknown hiking trails, sought out rare beaches and opted for adventurous outings instead of resorting to the usual tourist activities. In New York City, they took an exciting speedboat tour around the Statue of Liberty. The Delays love to find new ways to explore traditional tourist attractions, and actively seek out these opportunities wherever they travel. When Dustin and Amy are at home in Texas, they still enjoy living active lifestyles. They love to spend time outdoors on their five-acre ranch. The Delays enjoy spending time on the lake, fishing, boating, water skiing and watching the animals on their property. If they aren’t outside exploring, then you will most likely find Dustin on the golf course and Amy out shopping. Without the rigorous schedule of a corporate job, they are free to spend their time fulfilling their travel dreams and nurturing their close family bonds at their home in Texas.