Without hesitation, the Delays will tell you that their faith is at the core of everything they do. They firmly believe that their relationship with Christ is what has led them to be so successful in their lives. As a family and as business partners, Dustin and Amy work to keep God first in all that they do. They have learned that this is the most essential step in achieving your goals because when you lose sight of your moral compass, that is when things tend to get messed up or go in a different direction than intended. The foundation of the Delay family is their faith in Christ. A family rooted in faith is how they build and maintain a strong family foundation. They plan to raise their children to always keep God first in all that they do, have good manners and integrity, do the right thing and think about other people before you think of yourself. They believe that this means incorporating acts of faith and growing in your relationship with God every single day. As a family, the Delays love to wake up every day, enjoy their coffee and share in a morning devotional and daily bible study together along with their son, Nolan. While it can be a little tricky getting to church with a newborn, they love having the freedom and flexibility to practice their faith as a family from home and in many other ways. Their faith is what keeps them inspired to help others and remain steadfast in their family principles. Both Dustin and Amy were taught throughout their lives to be servants of God and to regularly give back to others. Both have always participated in various community service programs, and they plan to teach their son about the importance of putting others first and helping those who are in need. The Delays actively participate in their neighborhood and community, whether it is by tutoring on their lunch breaks at the local school or helping those at their church. Along with having more time to practice their faith, their financial freedom has allowed them to give back to God and their church. Additionally, the Delays actively support their church financially by funding various missions and tithing regularly. Tithing has grown into one of their main pillars of faith; God has blessed the Delay family in amazing ways and they want to be able to give back in thanks of all they have.