Dustin Delay


Dustin and Amy Delay are proud Texans with close family ties. They have learned some powerful lessons from their family and mentors that are helping them achieve financial freedom. These lessons are their inspiration and are what gave them a strong drive to achieve freedom from the typical 9-5 so they can enjoy time well spent with those they love most. The Delays attended college at Texas A&M (Go Aggies!) where they first met. Now they are married and have had their first child, Nolan, who they got to raise full time. They are grateful to live in their home that sits on five beautiful acres of land that is also close to all of their family. Their parents, married for more than 30 years, are their biggest inspiration in their marriage. Dustin and Amy were raised on family values that centered around a strong marriage and mutual love and respect between husband and wife. The Delays intend to pass these core values on to their son, in addition to their strong faith and belief in keeping God first. Faith is an integral part of their family and their marriage. With their flexible jobs, they are able to take a month off at a time to spend as a family, bonding and passing on their legacy. The Delays are free to spend quality time in their marriage as a couple and with their newborn son — things they would not have been able to do without achieving their success and financial freedom. They hope to impart values such as good manners, integrity, doing the right thing and thinking of others on their children as they grow. When they aren’t traveling the world or imparting their shared knowledge and experiences speaking at conferences, Dustin and Amy love spending quality time with their family. With their parents living in Lake Livingston, they all get to spend plenty of time together at the lake for family get-togethers and holidays. With the freedom of time, they frequently live the lake lifestyle: barbecuing, fishing, water and jet skiing as well as doing other activities on the water. In fact, they love the lake so much, Dustin proposed to Amy on the lake right between their parent’s houses in Lake Livingston. The Delays want to help others achieve this level of freedom in their life, by teaching them to have confidence that they can create the same life for themselves. Not everyone is raised to have a lot of confidence, and the Delays want to help build their mentee’s confidence and teach them to think the right way, look ahead and believe in themselves.