Leadership & Financial Freedom

From the very beginning, Dustin and Amy Delay have always been type-A, forward thinkers, constantly looking ahead to what is coming next. So, when they found themselves in the presence of like-minded business men and women who had complete control of their lives and were living a life of financial freedom, they jumped at the opportunity to learn from those people. With the help and leadership from their mentors, Dustin and Amy achieved complete financial freedom – the life they had always dreamed of. Without the demands of a normal 9-5 job, they were no longer rushing through the days and instead found themselves more excited about their marriage and life in general. Because of the success of their business and their financial freedom, they Delays have been provided with opportunities they otherwise would not have had received. They have been able to explore the world from Australia to New York City, never having to worry about time off from work or being limited by a budget. Dustin and Amy love that they get to spend unlimited time with their parents and family. And more importantly, they are also able to dedicate themselves to being full-time parents to their son, Nolan. All of their success has led to these freedoms that allow them to raise their son without the boundaries and constraints of an arduous work schedule. Additionally, this has provided them with a family legacy, something that they will be able to pass down to their children in the future. Dustin and Amy Delay are passionate about helping those in their generation that have lost faith in achieving the American dream, just like their mentors did for them. As they have learned firsthand, with leadership, motivation and the willingness to make a few sacrifices along the way, you can achieve anything.. They believe that fixing your finances is the first step in achieving your goals. They firmly believe that you can’t go forward if you have finances holding you back. Both Dustin and Amy were raised to avoid debt and to own all that you were able to. As mentors, the Delays aspire to help other not only create steady income but also how to manage your finances. In addition to financial leadership, Dustin and Amy hope to develop the right mindset in those they mentor. As Dustin says, “With our business, we can teach people to think the right way, look ahead, believe in yourselves and have self-confidence.”