Stop Comparing Yourself to Others – What You Need to Know

According to psychologist Lean Festinger, we are programmed to use comparison as a way of evaluating ourselves. It acts as a benchmarking tool that is getting even more difficult to avoid thanks to the internet and social media. 

Although you might realize that comparing yourself to others is not great, it can be almost impossible to kick the habit. Today, we take a comprehensive look at how to stop comparing yourself to others. You can finally embrace your unique strengths and start the journey towards self-acceptance.

Find Your True Identity

Have you heard of building your internal compass? Well, it is the first step towards learning the art of not comparing yourself to other people. It focuses on finding your true identity which means looking inward for answers instead of outwards.

You don’t have to look for inspiration and guidance from those around you. Start with taking notes of all your achievements. Doing this will help you set your expectations and standards, thus ensuring you never compare yourself with others. It will also help to celebrate each goal –regardless of how small it might seem.

Focus More on Your Strengths

Most people find themselves building the wrong mantra when struggling to avoid the habit of constantly comparing themselves with others. It is common for these individuals to build a mantra such as ”never comparing myself to others”. 

Such an approach will backfire in the long run. Think about it, don’t you crave more sugar when you tell yourself to reduce sugar intake? It is normal for something to seem more interesting when it becomes a forbidden fruit. Instead, spare yourself the hassle and focus more on your strengths. Build a mantra around your unique personality and skills.

Embrace Imperfections

Most people are desperately trying to live the perfect life on social media. They believe that their success is defined by how others perceive them. Therefore, you can only stop comparing yourself in today’s world when you acknowledge that no one is perfect – including you.

Do not worry about how others seem to appear on their news feeds. After all, there is no such thing as a perfect interpretation of an individual’s success – especially on social media. Work on embracing your imperfections and do not compare yourself to what you see on the internet.

Build Real Significance in Your Life

A desire to be significant might be the reason you are struggling to stop comparing yourself with others. It is among the top human needs to want to be significant, thus making it easier to look towards others for meaning. Every behavior, feeling, and thought is influenced by the need to be significant. 

However, you can always build significance within your life. All you need to do is embrace positive ways of achieving significance – including donating towards charity and volunteering. The more you work at building significance in your life, the more you will find a great sense of contentment.

Don’t Forget to Congratulate Others

Mastering the art of not comparing yourself to others is not a simple task. However, empathy will come a long way in helping you succeed. It is essential that you start to congratulate those around you without feeling threatened.

Celebrating the achievements of others means you are big enough to eliminate the need for comparison. It also means you have developed self-confidence and found your true identity. 

The Bottom Line

Finding your unique confidence and overcoming insecurities isn’t as difficult as it might seem. Following the steps above will ensure you stop comparing yourself with others, thus ensuring you live a more fulfilling life.