3 Types of Activities to Keep Toddlers Busy During the Day

Toddlers love to explore the world around them, making it somewhat challenging for parents to keep them entertained. Fortunately, there are tons of fun and educational ways to keep your little ones safe and engaged with items you probably already have lying around the house. Here are three types of activities to keep toddlers busy during the day.

1. Sticker Activities

Kids love stickers, and parents of toddlers should too. Stickers are inexpensive to buy in bulk, can adhere to a variety of surfaces, and best of all, can easily be removed when it’s time to clean up. Because stickers must be peeled off of a backing sheet, parents get the added bonus of thumb and index finger fine motor skills practice. There are countless sticker activities that you and your little one can try, check out a few of the possibilities below: 

2. Water Activities

Who says water is only for baths? It’s time to pull out your towels and prepare to splash around! Water is non-toxic, doesn’t stain when spilled, and dries quickly; it’s the ideal liquid for playtime. Because of fun things like surface tension, density, evaporation, and much more, there’s no shortage of things that you can do with water. From science experiments to art projects, the list is endless. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

3. Sorting Activities

There are so many ways to sort. Kids can sort by size, texture, color, taste, sound, and the list goes on. Sorting activities are perfect for toddlers. They can be done using almost any assortment of items. Additionally, sorting activities can lead to teachable moments. You can help your toddler count, compare or describe items, once they are sorted, . You can even use the sorted categories to create patterns. To start having fun with sorting activities, check out some of the ideas below: 

With these three tips, keeping your toddler busy will be easier than ever. So try some of the ideas above to start creating a database of your favorites. Before you know it, you’ll have a growing collection of fun activities to help make you and your toddler’s day much more entertaining.